Be Blessed!

In the course of every-day life, we sometimes lose sight of the incredible blessings God has in store for His faithful disciples. These blessings apply to all believers in all cultures around the world at all times. That includes us here and now!

These thirty blessings from the last thirty days are simply a start. There are many more as we open our eyes to the blessings God is sharing with us as we live our Christian lives. Be blessed!

  1. Jesus’ Disciples are Born Again
  2. Jesus’ Disciples are Forgiven
  3. Followers of Jesus are Sealed with the Holy Spirit
  4. Disciples of Jesus have Access to God’s Abundant Grace
  5. Ambassadors for Christ
  6. Victory over Sin
  7. God’s Workmanship
  8. Fellowship with the Trinity
  9. Co-laborers with God
  10. Jesus’ Disciples are Redeemed
  11. Showered with Spiritual Blessings
  12. The Holy Spirit resides in Jesus’ disciples
  13. Names written in the Book of Life
  14. No need to fear
  15. Blessing of being reconciled with God
  16. Jesus’ disciples are the temple of God
  17. We are fruit-bearing branches
  18. Disciples of Jesus are His saints
  19. Christ followers will have their needs supplied
  20. We are servants of God
  21. Jesus’ disciples are adopted by God
  22. Anointed by God
  23. Followers of Christ build up others
  24. Empowered to witness
  25. We are justified and sanctified
  26. A chosen generation and royalty
  27. A new creation
  28. Disciples of Jesus are heirs with Him
  29. Followers of Jesus anticipate eternal life
  30. Disciples of Jesus are complete in Christ







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