Psalm 46 – paraphrased by John Coblentz

God is…
Our safe house
Our security
Our stronghold
Our sustenance
Our Savior
The one we can count on to be right by our side
Early morning
Through the day
Night-time duty
He’s here with everything we need
When we need everything.

Therefore we…
Are calmed
And comforted
And refuse to give in to anxiety
Though all we can see
Is calamity
Our world is rocking
Waves of trouble
Hurricanes of sorrow
Crashing and tempest
Tumult and shaking

But God…
Oh, the comfort of His presence!
The Rock that cannot move
The River that cannot run dry
Fresh water
Abundant life
Streams of goodness
Deluge of grace
Every day
Every hour
Every minute
Not one second of all time will His people be separated from Him.
He is with us!
When disaster strikes
When the earth crumbles
When the stars fall
When the whole world topples
He’s with us!

Come, consider with me the great things God has done.
He spoke everything into existence
He confused language to frustrate human pride
He destroyed the wicked with a flood
And spared one righteous family
He chose Abraham
He brought His enslaved people out of Egypt
And ravaged Egypt in the process
He parted the waters of the Red Sea… and the Jordan
He commanded walls to fall down
He made the sun stand still
He chased enemy armies with hornets
Then He let His own people be ravaged for their waywardness

Yes, come, and consider even greater things He has done…

He entered our world…

Healing flowed like a river
Life erupted like a fountain
Languages converged into one again
The kingdom of the heavens came to earth
Men and women came to life
Their hearts beat with love
Their lips and hands and feet were bathed in righteousness
People of diverse nationalities and race
Laid down their weapons
Their pride
Their prejudice
And embraced as brothers and sisters in one family

Be still!
Don’t say a word.
Just contemplate.
Meditate on this mega-story
Review each chapter.
Take in each line…

And know!
That God is God.
He will do His will.
He will finish His plan.
He will redeem His people.
He will restore all that is broken.

All nations will sing His praises!
All languages will shout the Hallelujah!

This God is our God!
The Lord Jehovah is with His people
The next day
Until time is no more…
And then the relationship is only begun!

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